Emergency Boiler Breakdown Callout

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A boiler breakdown hits most of us when we turn on the hot tap and nothing but cold water comes out, or we wake up to a freezing cold house.

Unfortunately, a lot of people then panic, head to Google, and end up paying over the odds to some faceless big business.

You don’t have to go down that route. You can get a 100% reliable emergency boiler breakdown callout service from a friendly local business in Cardiff.

Cardiff Heating and Plumbing will turn up in time – with a smile – and get your boiler working again with the minimum of fuss. We promise we’ll never overcharge you and we’ll never do more work than you want us to.

Cardiff Heating and Plumbing are Gas Safe registered so you know the work we do will be safe. And as well as dealing with heating of all types, we’re also plumbing experts, so if your boiler problem extends to the hot water supply or radiators we can help you out there too.

Age can cause boiler problems. A modern boiler should last at least 10 years, and can last much longer. However, the older your machinery is the more likely it is to let you down. Corrosion, rust, and accumulated rubbish can gum up the systems in your boiler causing a shut down. Preventive servicing should help your boiler live longer.

An emergency boiler breakdown callout is more expensive than run-of-the-mill repairs and you can do a number of things to prevent emergency callouts.

A lot of breakdowns are reported as the weather starts to get colder and people turn on the heating for the first time. It’s good practice to give your boiler a minor workout during the summer months. Turning the heating on for just 10 minutes or so once a month can make a difference.

Extreme cold weather is also a boiler breakdown risk. Frozen pipes – inside and out – can cause failures. Insulating pipes inside the house will save you money and stop frost damage. And keep an eye on exterior pipes. If you go away during the winter, keep your heating on. Many modern boilers have a “holiday” setting, but if yours doesn’t you should consider setting your boiler to come on if the temperature drops below 13°C.

The most common boiler breakdown risk in very cold weather is a frozen condensate pipe. Find out where yours is and keep an eye on it during very cold weather – it can be thawed with a hot water bottle or warm (but never boiling) water. Good lagging and siting of the pipe should keep it from freezing in all but the most extreme conditions, ask Cardiff Heating and Plumbing about moving your pipes if you’re having a regular problem with this.

Of course, regular servicing is the best way to prevent emergency boiler breakdown callouts. Ask Cardiff Heating and Plumbing about our gas appliance and heating servicing. Our maintenance contracts offer a level of service that will keep you covered whatever happens.

If you have a boiler emergency, call Cardiff Heating and Plumbing now.