Central Heating Installation

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If you’re searching for a complete central heating installation service, there’s probably one thing you need to hear first:

Don’t panic!

Yes, installing central heating is a big job. And it can be expensive. But you can rely on Cardiff Heating and Plumbing to do the perfect job first time at a great value price. And a central heating installation is a great opportunity, with new technology improving the efficiency of your heating and saving you money and the planet carbon emissions.

Doing the job in one go also means you can make sweeping changes and get the best radiators, boiler, and pipes for your home! You could even go for an underfloor heating system or a hybrid of the two.

When should you change your central heating system?

In simple terms there are four major components to most central heating systems: the boiler, the radiators, the hot water cylinder, and the pipes.

All of them should be built to last, but they will wear out, reducing in efficiency and increasing maintenance and running costs as they do.

The best advice on boilers seems to be that will last for at the very least around 10 years, and maybe half as much again. Remember that an ageing boiler will be less efficient, more expensive, and more likely to fail you on the freezing cold morning when you need it most.

Radiators should have a slightly longer lifespan, though because their failure is less obvious, home owners often use them long past their sell-by date.

Even modern plastic pipes should last decades. Copper pipes have an even longer potential lifespan, and you may have these if your house or heating system is older.

But there are so many variables that contribute to wear-and-tear of a heating system, from the quality of materials and installation to the make-up of your local water, that it’s impossible to come up with hard and fast use-by dates.

If your central heating is not doing its job properly – if it’s slow to start, slow to warm up rooms or provide hot water, or the boiler is working noisily – you should have it looked at by experienced heating and plumbing experts like Cardiff Heating and Plumbing.

An annual service is the best way to keep your system running at optimum performance and to see any problems coming from a distance.

Choosing your new central heating system

There are lots of choices when it comes to your new central heating installation. From the way it looks to the way it runs, changing the whole system is the time to get everything right.

Your first choice will probably be made for you. Most householders chose gas for their central heating if they are on the grid. It’s currently cheaper than electricity and more convenient than oil. However, a range of renewable sources, like biomass and heat exchange, are becoming more popular, and electrical heating with high-spec insulation to reduce cost is proving popular in many new-build homes. Electric heating is likely to be more future proof than gas and, with no moving parts, requires less maintenance.

Gas boilers must now run at better than 90% efficiency; almost all are condensing boilers these days.

Your main decision will be whether to use a combi boiler or not. A combi boiler heats hot water on demand. Non-combi – or conventional – boilers heat the water for storage in a tank (the cylinder), from which it’s delivered when needed.

The lack of a storage cylinder means combis take up less space. They are generally more efficient, too. However, combis deliver their hot water slightly slower than conventional boilers. And they may struggle with high demand for hot water, but they’re suitable for most families.

Not so long ago radiators were a one-size-fits-all proposition. Today they come in a dizzying variety of styles, colours and materials.

It’s good to get specialist advice on choosing and placing your radiators. Cardiff Heating and Plumbing can tell you what output – in British Thermal Units – you need before you go shopping. While certain locations – under windows for example – are generally recommended, making the most of your current pipework can save money on installation.

Of course, you could go radiator free and opt for an underfloor heating system, which we explain in depth here.

Call Cardiff Heating and Plumbing now to arrange your central heating installation.