Unvented Water Cylinder Repair

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Cardiff Heating and Plumbing’s team can get the hot water flowing again from your water cylinder. And we can advise you which system suits your home when you choose a heating system and install the one that works for you.

Our trained plumbers handle both vented and unvented water cylinders, and we can help you out in an emergency or, as with most of our services, provide a regular maintenance service.

Just call us to let us know what you need.

Water cylinders are less common in modern heating systems, many of which heat water as the tap is turned on – with the slight delay that that makes inevitable.

However, lots of households still rely on hot water cylinders for instant hot water. Like most heating systems they are designed to be robust, but things can go wrong, and Cardiff Heating and Plumbing can mend both vented and unvented hot water cylinders.

The differences between these two types of cylinder are fairly simple:

Vented hot water cylinders are a two-tank system. The first tank – usually in the loft – takes cold water from the mains. Gravity takes that water down a “vent pipe” to the second cylinder – the vented cylinder, often in an airing cupboard – where it is heated for immediate use or, if necessary, stored in the cylinder until you do turn a tap or radiator on. The vent pipe means any excess water can safely expand out of the bottom cylinder back into the loft.

An unvented hot water cylinder uses just one cylinder. But instead of a link back to the supply tank, the mains water flows straight into the tank, and an integral expansion tank – hot water expands – takes any excess safely.

Both systems have their pluses. Vented systems give you a back-up source of water if the mains supplies are cut off. They’re built around super-simple engineering concepts and should run with no problem for years. But the two tanks take up space, and that can be an issue in small properties.

An unvented water cylinder is simpler and less space-heavy. They run at a higher water pressure than vented systems, so should give you great water availability and flow. However, you can’t run a power shower from an unvented cylinder, and some other appliances might struggle to work to their maximum potential. Although the unvented system is smaller, they can be more expensive to install.

Ask Cardiff Heating and Plumbing to advise you on the system that suits your home. We’re Gas Safe registered, with a fantastic local reputation around Cardiff and south Wales, and with expertise across the whole heating and plumbing field we can provide a comprehensive, quick and efficient service.

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