Gas Safety Certificates

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If you rent out a home or manage a rental property you need to ensure that you’re staying within the law. All rented accommodation in the UK must have a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate, and it must be renewed each year by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Cardiff Heating and Plumbing can inspect your property and supply a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate for from as little as £40.

The rental property sector has exploded in the UK in recent decades as millions of Brits have taken on properties as investments or small businesses.

Nowhere is this truer than in Cardiff, where as much as a quarter of the city’s population is students. But with the bonuses of renting out a property come a number of serious legal responsibilities.

Being a “part time landlord” is no defence if your property is inspected or if something terrible happens and you find yourself facing serious legal consequences And landlord responsibilities  extend to all properties that are rented out, including rooms, and holiday accommodation (yes, including Air B and B).

The law around Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificates is complex and comprehensive, but fortunately it is relatively simple to understand at the sharp end, and you can deal with Cardiff Heating and Plumbing confident that our work will pass legal muster.

The legislation in question is the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.

The chief practical implication of these rules is the duty of landlords to have a Gas Safety Certificate – commonly called a “landlord certificate”). This must be supplied by a Gas Safe Registered engineer and it must be renewed every year.

The inspection is a comprehensive check of the safety of your gas systems, including pipe work, and appliances.

The document you receive – your Gas Safety Certificate – after the inspection should be kept for at least two years. It records the tests that have been completed, as well as any work you need to carry out to make your property safe.

You must ensure that the engineer who carries out the test is registered and that you have their Gas Safe registration number as well as their signature on the document. You can check Gas Safe registration numbers on the Gas Safe Register website.

Tenants may ask to see the Gas Safety Certificate, and it’s actually your duty to show it to them when they first rent your property. If you have a new inspection while tenants are at your property you must show the certificate to them within 28 days of the inspection. If you have short-term tenants you should display the certificate prominently in the property.

If you use an agent to manage your property then it’s important to include the responsibility for the Gas Safety Certificate – and any gas maintenance work – in your agreement.

It’s not a legal duty to do so, but many landlords carry out a full gas safety check whenever they change tenants.

Carbon monoxide alarms are also recommended – but not legally demanded – by the HSE. They also recommend servicing all gas appliances annually.

Should your tenants use their own gas appliances in your property you do not have the same legal duties, but it’s good practice to advise all of your tenants on gas emergency procedures. At the very least, they should know how to turn the mains gas supply off.

Cardiff Heating and Plumbing can carry out your Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate inspection starting at the unbeatable price of £40. We also provide a full range of gas heating, installation, and maintenance work – including contract maintenance work – along with a comprehensive set of plumbing and building work.