Bathroom design and installation

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Plumbing and bathroom showrooms or home interiors magazines will give you plenty of inspiration.  Cardiff Heating and Plumbing’s bathroom design and installation service can bring your dreams to life with practical designs fitted to the highest possible standards.

As heating and plumbing experts we can bring your ideas to life in a way that works and that suits the practicalities of your home’s water, heating, and electrical systems. We handle all sorts of light building work, so we can make the alterations needed for your new bathroom and complete the whole job ourselves. That’ll save you time, money, and inconvenience.

Designing a bathroom

Bathrooms are no longer matters of pure practicality. People want to enjoy the time they spend getting clean, and if you’ve got the budget for it you can make having a shower a real luxury experience.

Technology, both in terms of plumbing – check out the latest digital showers – and the finishes and surfaces that have made domestic-level wet rooms possible, has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years.

However, there are practical limits on what you can do in a bathroom, and safety is paramount wherever water and electricity mix. Plus, working in the most practical way will help you save cash, so getting our plumbing experts involved as early on in the process as possible will keep your budget in check.

The costs of installing a bathroom – and the time and inconvenience – are likely to come disproportionately from plumbing work, particularly if you want to move the major fittings around.

For example, keeping all your plumbing on one wall – a “wet wall” in plumbing terms – will keep costs down. But having your toilet, sink and bath taps, and shower head all on this wall will limit your design choices. Simply doubling this to two walls will massively increase your layout and design choices.

Bathroom Suites

Cardiff Heating and Plumbing know the plumbing business inside out. We’re up to date on all the latest innovations, so we can point you in the right direction when you come to pick the bathroom furniture that suits your space.

In fact, space is the major issue in the bathrooms of many British homes, and maximising it with smart furniture and fittings choices can have a revolutionary effect.

And you’ll need a great concept in which to site your sparkling new bath, shower, and toilet. For most people that means tiled walls and floors. That’s another job Cardiff Heating and Plumbing can handle with expertise.

We can also advise you on the huge range of new flooring options. From bargain vinyl or rubber tiles, to the most luxurious Welsh slate there is now a huge choice of materials that can provide the watertight, durable flooring you need in a bathroom.

Heating Too

Many British homes have the boiler in the bathroom. And making big changes in this room might provide the perfect opportunity to also update your heating system.

Bathroom heating can be practical, drying your towels while heating the room, but can also be beautiful. Bathrooms are also perfectly suited to underfloor heating, which really helps to maximise space, and can run very economically in small spaces, and Cardiff Heating and Plumbing are specialists in this exciting new area.

You have a huge number of options when it comes to designing and installing new bathroom. As well as improving your own lifestyle, and giving you a room that suits your family’s needs, a new bathroom will almost certainly enhance your home and improve its value.

Contact Cardiff Heating and Plumbing now to discuss your bathroom design and installation project in Cardiff and south Wales.