Electric Shower Installation

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Cardiff Heating and Plumbing - Shower Installation

Cardiff Heating and Plumbing – Shower Installation

Water and electricity can be a deadly mixture, so electric shower installation is definitely a job for the professionals and should only be attempted as a DIY project in very limited circumstances.

Cardiff Heating and Plumbing can install your electric shower quickly and safely and at a brilliant price.

Make sure to contact us before you buy your shower to see what type of shower best suits your bathroom and budget and will work best with your water pressure.

The range of electric showers available today mean that most families will find something to suit them.

All electric showers heat the water on demand. They’re also independent of the central heating and water system, so you won’t get scalded if someone turns on the washing machine, or be stranded in a freezing shower if the boiler plays up.

Among the options are the latest digital showers. These high-tech beauties deliver a customised experience with to-the-degree temperature setting at the flow rate you love. They’re also designed to save money and electricity, which means you save cash.

More traditional electric showers still use a thermostatic control knob to set the temperature of the water, and a power or flow dial to set the rate at which the water comes out.

If power is a big deal for you then you should set your sights on a power shower. In these models, extra pumping power puts more zing into your morning routine. The most sophisticated models have massage settings and the like that really work on your muscles while you get clean.

Of these, power showers have the most limitations on where they can be installed. They need low-pressure water systems with a storage tank with a pretty large capacity. And if saving money or resources is a big deal for you then power showers tend to be the least eco-friendly models.

While you’re getting lost in the endless choices in shower unit performance, don’t forget simple mechanical concerns. Will the shower fit where you’d like it to go? If you have kids, will the controls and the rail that carries the shower head be low enough for them to adjust settings and height?

It might be that installing an electric shower is difficult or expensive in your property. Or that you won’t get the results you hope for because the shower won’t perform to its best in your home. If that’s the case, it could be that a mixer shower that runs straight off your mains water is the best option. Ask Cardiff Heating and Plumbing to explain your options to you.

If you are able to go ahead with installing an electric shower, you really should employ a Part P-certified tradesperson with the expertise to deal with electrical wiring safely.

While it is possible to install an electric shower yourself, it is only safe to do so in very limited circumstances so it is always worth calling us for professional advice.

Most electric shower installation jobs are fairly simple because they simply involve replacing a unit with a new one. However, things can get more complicated if you’d like to move the location of your shower. If you’d like to do that then it’s probably worth looking at a complete bathroom refurb, which Cardiff Heating and Plumbing would love to help you out with.
Contact Cardiff Heating and Plumbing now if you’d like to discuss installing an electric shower in your home.

Electric Showers installed from £199.

We also install full size walk in showers and equipment for those who may need extra help or with disabilities.

Cardiff Heating and Plumbing service, repair, replace and fit electric showers in both domestic and commercial buildings.  We have a fully qualified electrician as part of the team.

Free written estimates and quotes.  All electrical work is fully guaranteed from our gas safe qualified staff.